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Very First Post

The time has come for me to BLOG. Really, the time for me to blog came months and months ago, but I willfully ignored it, ran into a dark corner, and gorged on denial-flavored ice cream. The reason for this self-destructive behavior stems from the fact that, since childhood, I have always been an abysmal journal writer. I began each new journal bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with fervent promises that I'd journal faithfully. I didn't. Most of my old childhood diaries and spiral notebooks are filled with a grand total of three entries. So, as is only natural, this childhood failure still influences the way I think and behave today.

Right. Now that I've self-diagnosed myself . . . RESOLVED: I shall maintain a blog that is only ever filled with informative content and that I update on a semi-regular basis. There will be anecdotes, tips, pictures, interviews, and perhaps even a poorly drawn comic or two. That seems doable, yes? Then on we go!