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Last night, I received some exciting news from my editor at Chronicle: the cover of The Water & The Wild is finally ready to share with the world. Would you like to see it?

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It's quite nice, isn't it? I like to think so, biased party that I am. The artwork is by the magnificent Elsa Mora, and you should be sure to check out her blog at and gawk at all the cuteness. Seriously, if I could live inside a website, I'd make my home there.

When I tell people that I write children's literature, the most common response I get is, "So you must be a really great artist!" I think that the primary misconception is that children's literature = picture books, but the other is that I am capable of drawing anything more artistically mature than a wonky stick figure. That isn't to say that plenty of authors don't do their own artwork and aren't insanely talented. But my gifts do not lie in that direction. Whoo boy, do they ever not.

That's why I'm very grateful that The Water & The Wild fell into the capable hands of Elsa Mora + a stellar design team. Over the past months, I saw bits and pieces of the cover-in-progress, but nothing could prepare me for the finished work. I couldn't be happier. I think it perfectly captures the mood of Lottie Fiske's story--which you'll get to judge for yourself soon enough!

xo Kathryn