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Lottie Fiske's Final Story

Dear readers,

Once upon a time, a teenage me looked out over the wintry rooftops of London and began to write a story about a girl named Lottie Fiske—a yellow-haired orphan who loved a certain green apple tree and was about to embark upon the biggest journey of her life. Since that day, over eight years ago, Lottie Fiske has gone on journeys that even I could not anticipate. Her story was picked up for publication by Chronicle Books, and on a rainy day in April 2015, it first appeared on bookshelves across the country. The Water and the Wild will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my first published novel, but more than that, the people and places within its pages have been with me for years—some since the time I was a twelve-year-old aspiring author.

You can imagine just how thrilled I was, then, when my publisher gave me the chance to write a continuation of Lottie’s story, The Doorway and the Deep. As many of you know all too well, that book ends on quite the cliffhanger. Since the time I finished book two, I’ve known how I want to conclude Lottie & Co.’s story, and I’ve been eager to share that ending with you. Unfortunately, Chronicle Books has chosen not to publish a final book, but I am determined to share this story with the readers who have followed Lottie this far. I feel I owe this ending not just to my characters but to you.

It is with much excitement, then, that I am officially announcing the third and final book in the Water and the Wild series. Self-publishing is a new experience for me, filled with tasks and challenges I have not encountered before, and I appreciate your patience as I work to put out a satisfying end to Lottie’s story. I cannot wait to jump back into the world of Limn alongside you, as we return to old friends and meet new ones, too. At the moment, I hope to produce both a physical and ebook version of the story, and I will keep this blog and my social media accounts updated with any new developments (including the cover reveal!) along the way.

Before I get to today's big reveal, I want to thank you, wonderful readers, for reading Lottie’s story. Thank you for your joyful presence at festivals, for your awe-inspiring fan art, and for the kind letters you send. Please believe me when I say that each and every one of these interactions means infinite universes to me. And thank you, thank you to the adults in young readers’ lives—booksellers, librarians, and parents—who tirelessly encourage a sense of wonder and a love of reading. I couldn’t finish this journey without all of you and your big hearts.

And now, on to the title reveal! The final book in the Water and the Wild series will be . . .


War has come to Albion Isle, and Lottie Fiske, a daughter of two worlds, might be the only one who can stop it.

After arriving in the strange and treacherous land of Dim, Lottie, Oliver, and Eliot must uncover answers to the mysteries that surround both their present and their past. And what of their friends above, on the other side of a perilous world gorge? The journey ahead promises new challenges, dangers, and revelations. But before Lottie can face any of those . . . can she forgive herself for past wrongs?

The spellbinding conclusion to K.E. Ormsbee’s Water and the Wild series arrives May 2018.


More from me in the months to come, dear friends. Until then, fight for friendship and chart your own course!

xo Kathryn

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