TW&TW Blog Tour.

Guess what time it is? It’s BLOG TOUR TIME.

In the coming days, I'll be stopping in at several fabulous blogs and sharing exciting info about THE WATER & THE WILD. There will be Q&As, guest posts, exclusive pictures, and even a writing soundtrack. And thanks to the excellent folks at Chronicle, there will a GIVEAWAY at each of the following blogs. (!!!) There are some forthcoming blog visits in the works, too, so be sure to watch this space and my twitter for updates.


April 10        Beauty and the Bookshelf    Interview with Rachel Patrick
April 14        Mundie Moms                        My Dream Voice Cast   
April 15                      My Trekkie Dad
April 16                       What’s on Lottie’s Nightstand
April 17        Design of the Picture Book   Visualizing Limn
April 18        Green Bean Teen Queen       My Favorite Library
April 19       CBR                                           My Favorite Books at Lottie’s Age
April 20       Laurisa White Reyes              The Poetry of TW&TW
April 21        Watch. Connect. Read.          Five Super Secret Tidbits
April 22       Cracking the Cover                Interview
April 24       C&TBC                                     Interview
April 25       Stories & Sweeties                 10 Fun Facts About Lottie Fiske

xo Kathryn