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Hello, friends!

Tonight, you find me in a flurry of excitement. I have BOOK NEWS, half of which was made public last Wednesday and half this very day.

Announcement #1

My YA debut LUCKY FEW is going to be published by Simon & Schuster Children's! Here's the official nitty gritty:

I am so thrilled to be working with Zareen Jaffery on this novel, which was inspired in part by my own homeschooling experience and in part by one of my favorite movies of all time, Harold & Maude. You can be sure I'll keep you in the know with future updates.

Announcement #2

My Middle Grade novel THE HOUSE IN POPLAR WOOD has found a home with the ever-marvelous Chronicle Books:

POPLAR WOOD traces its origin to a delectably frightening Grimms Brothers tale entitled "Godfather Death." (In case you don't know this about me, I'm unhealthily obsessed with all things macabre, and that might just leak out into my books.)

Now. Here is the part where I gush about the incomparable Beth Phelan at The Bent Agency. Since we joined forces in July, she's been a tireless champion of my stories and one kick-ass agent, and I am wild with anticipation about what the future holds!

It's a day like today, when I am trembling from both enthusiasm and hot cocoa intake, that I feel insanely lucky to be writing stories that other humans might actually pick up and read. To work with people who are so passionate about books and the kids who read them. To grow under the guidance of an editor extraordinaire like Melissa Manlove, who asks all the hard and right questions. To have met authors, teachers, and bloggers who blow my socks off with their kindness and creativity. I'm talking people who take awesomeness to the nth degree.

So this is a giant hug to anyone who reads a word I put to paper. Thank you! I've had such a blast living in the worlds of LUCKY FEW and THE HOUSE IN POPLAR WOOD. The characters in these stories are near and dear to my heart, and I cannot wait for the not-too-distant dates when you can meet them.

xo Kathryn

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