Behold, Alternative Titles to The Water & the Wild

Over the weekend, fellow Fearless Fifteener Susan Adrian tagged me in the Terrible Titles challenge, and I have now come forth to deliver. (Btw, Susan's YA debut TUNNEL VISION hits the shelves in January, and I can testify that it is made from Pure Awesome Extract. GET READY.)

Now, to the challenge at hand. I was tasked with scrolling through my manuscript and stopping at eight random places. Whatever set of words I landed on then became one of my eight terrible titles. And I dunno, guys. I think they give The Water and The Wild a real run for its money. Here they are:

1. Thanks, Michelangelo
2. The Merits of Schoolwork
3. Offended the Innkeeper
4. Do You Have Trouble?
5. I've Got a Cure for That
6. A Few Dumb Moments
7. Changing People’s Feelings
8. Where Did You Go, Keats?

Now for the TAG, YOU'RE IT segment of the show. I chose the last four fellow authors in my twitter reply history: Destiny Soria, Ashley Herring Blake, Sandra Waughand Jennifer Maschari. Have funnn!

Kathryn OrmsbeeComment