NCTE '14

This past weekend, something rather exciting happened. Or, I should say, a bunch of somethings happened. A bunch of firsts.

First NCTE convention.

First book signing.

First gander at a peepmobile.

It was one thrilling Friday.

Here’s a quick recap of the goings-on.

I flew to DC. In the security line, a man told his flailing toddler, “If you don’t behave, I’ll put you through the metal detector.” I’m happy to report that the child behaved and did not in fact go through the metal detector.

On my flights, I met two fascinating people, both from Rochester, NY. Hats off to you, Rochester. I don’t know what you’re doing, but you’ve produced some cool citizens. Keep it up.

On my way to National Harbor, my cab driver and I had a conversation about Das Kapital, book fairs, and the immortality of the written word.

When I checked into my hotel room, I found this waiting for me:


I had a good laugh. Exercise, said I. What. What what what is that?

Then things got VERY exciting. I headed over to the convention center, where I met the absolutely fantastic Sally Kim, Jaime Wong, and Ginee Seo of Chronicle Books. And then. AND THEN, I had my very first BOOK SIGNING. Jaime took lots of photos for me to send the folks back home, like this one here:


Whoo whoo whoo. Here, I sign a book.

There were so many lovely, gracious people in that line. I’d like to take a moment here to give a shout out to English teachers everywhere. YOU GUYS WIN ALL THE WINS. As the daughter of two educators, I've always known how cool teachers are, but this signing further impressed that truth upon me.

After THE SIGNING, I had the pleasure of meeting Beth Kephart and Michaela MacColl, two fellow Chronicle authors whose upcoming novels knocked my socks clean off.

Beth’s One Thing Stolen is a gorgeous story of art, friendship, and the inner-workings of the mind. And it just so happens to take place in one of my favorite cities on earth, Florence, Italy. Such a rich read.

Michaela’s The Revelation of Louisa May is a riveting story about a young Louisa May Alcott. This story has it all: intrigue, suspense, the Underground Railroad, Emerson, Thoreau. I burned through the pages, hooked on the plot. And now I have a deep desire to re-read Little Women.

Beth, Michaela, and I joined Chronicle’s team and a group of brilliant educators for dinner. And what a dinner it was, filled with delicious food and conversation.

Afterward, the grand Melanie Koss, Krispy Kreme newbie and advocate of comfy-&-chic clothes, showed us a most magical sight: a bona fide PEEPMOBILE.

Michaela, Melanie, and I do The Peep.

Afterward, I fell into a deep sleep. It was a good thing I’d set two alarms for my morning flight out.

My time at NCTE '14 was a whirlwind, but every minute of it was fab-u-lous. I’m crazy grateful to Chronicle for flying me out, honored to have met so many amazing people in such a short space of time, and tickled pink to have seen this view:

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