777 Challenge

So, there's a little something called the 777 Challenge circulating the cyber-write-o-sphere. The challenge requires you to open your WIP, scroll to the seventh page, and copy the first full seven lines starting seven lines down. Today, I was summoned to partake in this challenge by the most excellent Ashley Herring Blake. (PS, Ashley has a fabulous-sounding book called SUFFER LOVE coming out in 2016, so put it on your To Read Shelf pronto!)

 I have come forth to deliver.

But in a--slightly different way? I currently have three WIPs on the table. (Or under it. Or in the waste bin. Or thrown across the room, in shreds.) Point is, I didn't want to show favoritism to one WIP over the other. And more than that, I got to thinking about this certain NaNoWriMo project I wrote back in 2010, during college. I liked a bunch of things about that story, but after 50,000 words I realized it just wasn't a project worth completing--or at least not a story that I had the current writing chops to complete. Which sucks, yes, but oftentimes happens.

I thought it'd be a nice gesture to grab the 777 from this WIP, since it may very well never see the light of day. Though who knows? Inspiration might strike months/year/decades down the road, and I may revive it yet. In any event, here's a sneak peek into a story about a sixteen-year-old girl named Viv living in an industrial wasteland. One day, Viv gets the chance to bring her two brothers out of poverty by serving as an Attendette--a "companion" to the society's young, hawt aristos. Very scandalous, and yes, many moral dilemmas raised. Here's the 777:

It's too late. A bright crimson splotch has already stained his overalls.

“I could’ve helped,” I say.

“I can look out for myself.” Mark repeats my words back at me with relish. He's impossible when he gets this way. Then, "I'm going to talk to Greer."

“And what? You know it’s not his call. There’s no trinket or bottle of rum you can pawn off to that guy to get me off this time.”

Mark knows that, of course. The indignation, the offer--it's all just obligatory brotherly concern.

Ahaha. RIVETING, I KNOW. Seriously, that was a boring-pants snippet. Can I make it up to you by showing you the stunning cover I scrapped together for NaNo Novel?

Hmm. That may have made things worse.

This is the part where I'm supposed to tag seven other people, but I swear, all the internet writer friends I know have already been tagged, and I don't like the pressure, SO SUE ME. I'm just choosing one gal I know hasn't been tagged: my fantastic friend Destiny Soria, who is worth seven writers. (See how I spun that?) (PPS, you should follow Destiny on twitter if you don't already, because she tweets funnystuffs and is also a dinosaur some of the time.)

Did I fudge on that entire challenge?

Maybe. But hey...